After thirteen years as a Primary School teacher I decided it was time to leave my job in London and go back to my creative roots. I moved back to my home town of Chester and started to plan my next adventure.

I'd always had a passion for customising, styling and photography and so the idea of a camper van photo booth was born...or should I say hatched!  On an icy cold day in January 2016 I was introduced to a friend of a friend at a barn in Rainford, just outside Liverpool. Known in the business as 'Vdub Dave', he is an award winning classic VW restorer who likes to break all the rules, and we soon became the perfect collaboration.

He introduced me to my new love; a 1978 bay window camper van who was rusting away under a blue plastic sheet in the hay barn. I affectionately named her BIRDIE after we found chickens roosting in her engine bay. And so the BIRDIE PROJECT began...

Together we plotted the most amazing and unique camper van conversion, that not only could be used as a photo booth for weddings, festivals and events, but would be completely adaptable. We wanted her to have furniture and equipment that could be taken out to allow her to be used for marketing activations , in TV or wedding transport.

And not long after...along came BETTY, FLOSSIE, BABS, BONNIE, HERBIE…and now PIXIE!